Presidents Cup 2015
In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold
Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundThe Holly Bush0Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundAnchor 10Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundBlaby Foxes0Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundLeicester Wanderers0Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundAxe and Square 20150Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundOld Horse Roadies0Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundNags 20Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundPlough Inn 20Vs0BYE
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundKings Arms 22Vs3Rutland Panthers
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundKings Arms 10Vs5Queniborough Spartans
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundMalt Shovel Old Boys3Vs2Wheres The Chips
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundGlenhills 13Vs2Blaby Tigers
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundBeacon 14Vs0Nags Head Lions
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundThurmaston 12Vs3Baggies
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundThurmaston 31Vs4Kings Arms 3
18/05/2015Preliminary RoundKeyham 13Vs2Axe and Square 2
08/06/2015Cup First RoundAxe and Square 20151Vs4Beacon 1
08/06/2015Cup First RoundAnchor 12Vs3Keyham 1
08/06/2015Cup First RoundThe Holly Bush1Vs3Plough Inn 2
08/06/2015Cup First RoundBlaby Foxes2Vs3Glenhills 1
08/06/2015Cup First RoundMalt Shovel Old Boys4Vs1Kings Arms 3
08/06/2015Cup First RoundNags 20Vs5Baggies
08/06/2015Cup First RoundLeicester Wanderers3Vs1Queniborough Spartans
08/06/2015Cup First RoundRutland Panthers3Vs2Old Horse Roadies
22/06/2015Plate First RoundThurmaston 10Vs0BYE
22/06/2015Plate First RoundNags Head Lions3Vs2Kings Arms 2
22/06/2015Plate First RoundBlaby Tigers0Vs5Thurmaston 3
22/06/2015Plate First RoundKings Arms 33Vs2Nags 2
22/06/2015Plate First RoundThe Holly Bush0Vs5Anchor 1
22/06/2015Plate First RoundOld Horse Roadies4Vs1Wheres The Chips
22/06/2015Plate First RoundQueniborough Spartans5Vs0Axe and Square 2015
22/06/2015Plate First RoundAxe and Square 20Vs5Blaby Foxes
06/07/2015Cup Quarter FinalsPlough Inn 22Vs3Keyham 1
06/07/2015Cup Quarter FinalsMalt Shovel Old Boys2Vs3Baggies
06/07/2015Cup Quarter FinalsLeicester Wanderers3Vs1Glenhills 1
06/07/2015Cup Quarter FinalsBeacon 11Vs4Rutland Panthers
06/07/2015Plate Quarter FinalsQueniborough Spartans3Vs2Anchor 1
06/07/2015Plate Quarter FinalsKings Arms 35Vs0Thurmaston 3
06/07/2015Plate Quarter FinalsBlaby Foxes2Vs3Nags Head Lions
06/07/2015Plate Quarter FinalsThurmaston 14Vs1Old Horse Roadies
24/08/2015Cup Semi FinalsBaggies4Vs1Rutland Panthers
24/08/2015Cup Semi FinalsKeyham 11Vs4Leicester Wanderers
24/08/2015Plate Semi FinalsThurmaston 10Vs5Kings Arms 3
24/08/2015Plate Semi FinalsQueniborough Spartans3Vs2Nags Head Lions
07/09/2015Cup FinalBaggies1Vs4Leicester Wanderers
07/09/2015Plate FinalQueniborough Spartans4Vs1Kings Arms 3