League Cup 2015
In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold
Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
11/05/2015Preliminary RoundHen & Chickens5Vs0Three Horse Shoes
11/05/2015Preliminary RoundOuse2Vs3Sports Bar
11/05/2015Preliminary RoundIckleford2Vs3Lidlington & Marston
11/05/2015Preliminary RoundStation Sleepers1Vs4The Storm
11/05/2015Preliminary RoundThe Bird in Hand A2Vs3Bucks Head
08/06/2015First RoundBroadsword1Vs4Phoenix
08/06/2015First RoundWhite Hart2Vs3Bancroft Park
08/06/2015First RoundMusgrave0Vs5Baldock Town
08/06/2015First RoundLuton A3Vs2Botany Bay
08/06/2015First RoundLidlington & Marston0Vs5The Bird in Hand B
08/06/2015First RoundPlough0Vs0Hen & Chickens
08/06/2015First RoundWymondley0Vs0The Storm
08/06/2015First RoundSports Bar3Vs2Bucks Head
29/06/2015Second RoundPhoenix1Vs4Baldock Town
29/06/2015Second RoundThe Bird in Hand B1Vs4Sports Bar
29/06/2015Second RoundWymondley4Vs1Plough
29/06/2015Second RoundLuton A0Vs5Bancroft Park
27/07/2015Semi FinalsSports Bar4Vs1Bancroft Park
27/07/2015Semi FinalsBaldock Town5Vs0Wymondley
09/09/2015FinalBaldock Town0Vs0Sports Bar