League Cup 2017
In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold
Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundWhite Hart1Vs4Bird in Hand
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundThe WarriorsVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundThe StormVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundSports BarVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundOuseVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundOrangesideVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundMusgraveVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundLuton JetsVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundLuton AviatorsVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundLidlington & MarstonVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundIckleford2Vs3Phoenix
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundWymondleyVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundBaldock TownVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundBotany BayVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundBucks HeadVsBYE
08/05/2017Preliminary RoundThree Horse ShoesVsBYE
05/06/2017First RoundPreliminary 1VsWhite Hart
05/06/2017First RoundPreliminary 1VsBird in Hand
05/06/2017First RoundIcklefordVsPreliminary 2
05/06/2017First RoundPhoenixVsPreliminary 2
05/06/2017First RoundThree Horse Shoes3Vs2Wymondley
05/06/2017First RoundBotany BayVsPreliminary 1
05/06/2017First RoundPreliminary 2VsThe Storm
05/06/2017First RoundSports Bar4Vs1Ouse
05/06/2017First RoundOrangeside2Vs3Luton Aviators
05/06/2017First RoundThe Warriors5Vs0Musgrave
05/06/2017First RoundLuton Jets3Vs2Lidlington & Marston
05/06/2017First RoundBaldock Town5Vs0Bucks Head
06/06/2017First RoundBotany Bay4Vs1Bird in Hand
06/06/2017First RoundPhoenix3Vs2The Storm
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsOrangeside
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsMusgrave
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsLuton Jets
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsLuton Aviators
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsOuse
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsPhoenix
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsSports Bar
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsThe Storm
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsThree Horse Shoes
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsWhite Hart
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsWymondley
26/06/2017Cup Second RoundBotany Bay1Vs4Sports Bar
26/06/2017Cup Second RoundThree Horse Shoes4Vs1Luton Jets
26/06/2017Cup Second RoundThe WarriorsVsBaldock Town
26/06/2017Cup Second RoundLuton Aviators5Vs0Phoenix
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsLidlington & Marston
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsIckleford
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsBucks Head
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsBotany Bay
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsBird in Hand
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsBaldock Town
26/06/2017Second RoundSecond RoundVsThe Warriors
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsPhoenix
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsOuse
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsOrangeside
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsLuton Aviators
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsSports Bar
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsThe Storm
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsThe Warriors
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsThree Horse Shoes
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsWhite Hart
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsWymondley
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsLuton Jets
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsLidlington & Marston
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsIckleford
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsBucks Head
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsMusgrave
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsSports Bar3Vs2Three Horse Shoes
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsBaldock Town4Vs1Luton Aviators
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsBaldock Town
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsBird in Hand
24/07/2017Cup Semi FinalsCup Semi FinalsVsBotany Bay
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsMusgrave
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsLidlington & Marston
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsBaldock Town
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsBird in Hand
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsBotany Bay
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsLuton Aviators
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsIckleford
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsBucks Head
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsLuton Jets
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsWhite Hart
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsOrangeside
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsPhoenix
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsSports Bar
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsOuse
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsThe Storm
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsThe Warriors
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsThree Horse Shoes
20/09/2017Cup FinalCup FinalVsWymondley