The Thursday Pairs League
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Division 1

Submitted Home Away
12/08/2022Titchfield Snappers3-1White Horse 5
11/08/2022Kestrels 13-1Nottingham Reivers
11/08/2022Kestrels 32-2The Ravens
11/08/2022Nottingham Riders1-3Nutbrook Storm
11/08/2022Titchfield Snappers2-2Nottingham Riders

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
12/08/2022The Redwings2-2KP Buzzards
12/08/2022Titchfield Outlaws2-2Kestrels 2
12/08/2022White Horse 30-4Titchfield Bandits
11/08/2022Air Hostess 63-1Nutbrook Buzzards
11/08/2022Red Lion3-1Beacon Flames

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Division 1Division 2

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
The Ravens11145
White Horse 59243
Nottingham Riders4642

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Air Hostess 614447
Beacon Flames10742
KP Buzzards7642

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