Thursday Pairs Cup 2022
In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold
Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
04/07/2022Preliminary RoundKestrels 33Vs1Kestrels 1
04/07/2022Preliminary RoundNutbrook Buzzards3Vs1White Horse 3
04/07/2022Preliminary RoundTitchfield Outlaws2Vs3Nutbrook Storm
04/07/2022Preliminary RoundBeacon Flames1Vs3Nottingham Reivers
09/08/2022Cup First RoundKP Buzzards3Vs1Kestrels 2
18/08/2022First RoundNutbrook Storm3Vs1Red Lion
18/08/2022First RoundNottingham Riders3Vs1Nutbrook Buzzards
18/08/2022Cup First RoundNottingham Reivers1Vs3White Horse 5
18/08/2022Cup First RoundThe Rookies3Vs1Titchfield Bandits
18/08/2022Cup First RoundPreliminary Round 1VsRed Lion
18/08/2022Cup First RoundHathern Anchors1Vs3Titchfield Snappers
18/08/2022Cup First RoundNottingham RidersVsPreliminary Round 2
18/08/2022Cup First RoundAir Hostess 61Vs3Kestrels 3
18/08/2022Cup First RoundThe Redwings0Vs4The Ravens
25/08/2022Cup Quarter FinalsThe Rookies0Vs4White Horse 5
25/08/2022Cup Quarter FinalsKP Buzzards2Vs3Nutbrook Storm
25/08/2022Cup Quarter FinalsNottingham Riders3Vs1Titchfield Snappers
25/08/2022Cup Quarter FinalsThe Ravens4Vs0Kestrels 3
01/09/2022Cup Semi FinalsThe Ravens3Vs2Nottingham Riders
01/09/2022Cup Semi FinalsWhite Horse 52Vs3Nutbrook Storm
08/09/2022Cup FinalThe Ravens4Vs0Nutbrook Storm