Turner Plate: Fixtures & Results 2019
In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold
Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
21/05/2019Plate First RoundCollyweston Originals3Vs2Rose & Crown, Houghton
21/05/2019Plate First RoundThe Horse Shoes2Vs3Boot & Shoe Cobblers
21/05/2019Plate First RoundRutland Agric Society4Vs0Casterton Crusaders
21/05/2019Plate First RoundBelton Braces1Vs3Fox & Hounds Originals
21/05/2019Plate First RoundRAC Houghton1Vs3Old Plough Furrowers
21/05/2019Plate First RoundORFC Forwards3Vs1ORFC Flankers
21/05/2019Plate First RoundAshley Athletiques3Vs1Belton Bees
21/05/2019Plate First RoundGreetham Vikings Traders2Vs3Oakey Doakeys
21/05/2019Plate First RoundHorse & JockeyVsBYE
21/05/2019Plate First RoundSewstern Hounds4Vs1Mrs Browns Boules
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundORFC ForwardsVsBYE
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundRutland Agric SocietyVsBYE
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundCollyweston OriginalsVsBYE
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundAshley Athletiques3Vs1Oakey Doakeys
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundBoot & Shoe CobblersVsBYE
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundSewstern HoundsVsBYE
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundOld Plough Furrowers3Vs2Horse & Jockey
25/06/2019Plate Second RoundFox & Hounds OriginalsVsBYE
01/08/2019Plate Quarter FinalsFox & Hounds Originals3Vs2Ashley Athletiques
01/08/2019Plate Quarter FinalsORFC Forwards2Vs3Boot & Shoe Cobblers
01/08/2019Plate Quarter FinalsSewstern Hounds2Vs3Rutland Agric Society
01/08/2019Plate Quarter FinalsCollyweston Originals1Vs4Old Plough Furrowers
01/08/2019Plate Quarter FinalsPlate Quarter FinalsVsPlate Quarter Finals
15/08/2019Plate Semi FinalsPlate Semi FinalsVsPlate Semi Finals
15/08/2019Plate Semi FinalsRutland Agric Society3Vs2Boot & Shoe Cobblers
15/08/2019Plate Semi FinalsOld Plough Furrowers1Vs4Fox & Hounds Originals
17/09/2019Plate FinalPlate FinalVsPlate Final
17/09/2019Plate FinalRutland Agric SocietyVsFox & Hounds Originals